Mike’s Message

Mike Gladue 10 January 13:41
I would to start off by Thanking the Creator for watching over us Walkers that took part in this Healing Journey. I would like to give my sincerest Love and Gratitude to each and every Walker. It was your commitment and Strong Spirits along with each of your life stories that made this cross country Healing Journey Epic. I can only say it is because of you that I know I have so much more to learn and do on myself to become a better person. You all helped me in so many ways.

People doubted our commitment, and from day one of putting everything together. Each person has proven we were willing to go that step further. From the failed fund raiser almost 2 years ago, to the final unloading of the RV. We all proved we don’t know how to give up or to quit. Us Walkers, each from different backgrounds and different upbringings. Found ourselves each looking for the same Vision. And that was to wake up the Spirit and Educate everyone that without that Family Love, we’ll lose more Young Men and Women to Streetlife and Addiction.
Without the Power of Identity and the Balance we find through our Peaceful and Supportive Culture, our Young will remain lost. Dysfunction was brought to our Lands, but we have a forgiving way through our Ceremonies and old ways. We don’t think we are better then any person or any agency. We just don’t think government money or ego, have any business involved in our Culture. Trying to save a Culture and way of life doesn’t need bandaid solutions, it needs a Nation to believe in each other. That is all we tried to build, Unity.

A Family was built through this Walk, and each of you have become our WFN Family. Which to us Walkers is success. We also are planning a small tour later this year for premiering the “Walk for Nations” Documentary. Feel free to contact Tracie Louttit or myself to book a screening for your community or agency.

I personally wanted to say Hiy Hiy to each person, each host, each contributor and supporter. To each family member that believed in their loved one that Walked, may growth and Healing Bless your home. And for each Elder that performed Sweats and Ceremonies for us Walkers, may your Knowledge and Compassion Bless our Young.

This is something I will never let go of, but to share with those who may listen. Each of you left a foot print in my heart, but I will always be looking to expand our WFN Family.

In the Spirit of our Ancestors,
Mike Gladue

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One Response to Mike’s Message

  1. Roxane blood says:

    Wow what an amazing spirit.

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