Kathleen McIntyre Gladue 31 December 18:33
I am very happy to annouce that the “Walk for Nations ” team has completed the walk. They arrived in Campbell River , B.C. this afternoon. Way to go team! Much love and respect goes out to Mike Gladue, Ervin Chartrand, Tracie Louttit, Kevin Nadjiwon, Kenny Kawtiash, Beefcakers Makade-makwa Gawitaiash, Jonny Daybutch, Ishkode Migizi , Leland McIntyre, Asia Bui & Candace Jourdain.. For all your sacrifice for our people. To all your families for their sacrifices whil you were away and all of their support. To all the Nations all over Turtle Island thank you for all your love, prayers, hospitality and support. Whether it was food, spare change, clothing, gas, a place to do laundry, to sleep at. Much thanks to all the elders who the team meet along the way who shared their stories, did ceremonies with and helped the team see the larger picture. The fires have been started across our ancerstral lands, now as this one part fo the journey comes to an end, we look forward to the next part starting as those fires that were lit across our beautiful Turtle Island , are continued to be feed by our elders and youth to bring out nations togther as one and begin a new brighter furture for all of us. Chi meegwetch !!!

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