Mike’s Message

Mike Gladue 10 January 13:41
I would to start off by Thanking the Creator for watching over us Walkers that took part in this Healing Journey. I would like to give my sincerest Love and Gratitude to each and every Walker. It was your commitment and Strong Spirits along with each of your life stories that made this cross country Healing Journey Epic. I can only say it is because of you that I know I have so much more to learn and do on myself to become a better person. You all helped me in so many ways.

People doubted our commitment, and from day one of putting everything together. Each person has proven we were willing to go that step further. From the failed fund raiser almost 2 years ago, to the final unloading of the RV. We all proved we don’t know how to give up or to quit. Us Walkers, each from different backgrounds and different upbringings. Found ourselves each looking for the same Vision. And that was to wake up the Spirit and Educate everyone that without that Family Love, we’ll lose more Young Men and Women to Streetlife and Addiction.
Without the Power of Identity and the Balance we find through our Peaceful and Supportive Culture, our Young will remain lost. Dysfunction was brought to our Lands, but we have a forgiving way through our Ceremonies and old ways. We don’t think we are better then any person or any agency. We just don’t think government money or ego, have any business involved in our Culture. Trying to save a Culture and way of life doesn’t need bandaid solutions, it needs a Nation to believe in each other. That is all we tried to build, Unity.

A Family was built through this Walk, and each of you have become our WFN Family. Which to us Walkers is success. We also are planning a small tour later this year for premiering the “Walk for Nations” Documentary. Feel free to contact Tracie Louttit or myself to book a screening for your community or agency.

I personally wanted to say Hiy Hiy to each person, each host, each contributor and supporter. To each family member that believed in their loved one that Walked, may growth and Healing Bless your home. And for each Elder that performed Sweats and Ceremonies for us Walkers, may your Knowledge and Compassion Bless our Young.

This is something I will never let go of, but to share with those who may listen. Each of you left a foot print in my heart, but I will always be looking to expand our WFN Family.

In the Spirit of our Ancestors,
Mike Gladue

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Kathleen McIntyre Gladue 31 December 18:33
I am very happy to annouce that the “Walk for Nations ” team has completed the walk. They arrived in Campbell River , B.C. this afternoon. Way to go team! Much love and respect goes out to Mike Gladue, Ervin Chartrand, Tracie Louttit, Kevin Nadjiwon, Kenny Kawtiash, Beefcakers Makade-makwa Gawitaiash, Jonny Daybutch, Ishkode Migizi , Leland McIntyre, Asia Bui & Candace Jourdain.. For all your sacrifice for our people. To all your families for their sacrifices whil you were away and all of their support. To all the Nations all over Turtle Island thank you for all your love, prayers, hospitality and support. Whether it was food, spare change, clothing, gas, a place to do laundry, to sleep at. Much thanks to all the elders who the team meet along the way who shared their stories, did ceremonies with and helped the team see the larger picture. The fires have been started across our ancerstral lands, now as this one part fo the journey comes to an end, we look forward to the next part starting as those fires that were lit across our beautiful Turtle Island , are continued to be feed by our elders and youth to bring out nations togther as one and begin a new brighter furture for all of us. Chi meegwetch !!!

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Kevin Nadjiwon 27 December 16:22
Greetings Friends and Family, Our “Walk For Nations” Team is here in Vancouver, British Columbia. We’re All very excited to be on the last leg of Our Blessed Healing Journey!! Our Finish Line is January 1st, 2012 in Cambell River British Columbia!

The Seven Generations Healing Network (“7GEN”), is a Registered Non-For Profit network of Turtle Island Indigenous People and Alliances. The primary source of funding for the Seven Generations Healing Network is from sponsors, donors and supporters, such as yourself. The”Walk For Nations” and The Seven Generations Healing Network receives no governmental funds.

We’ve been Blessed with Supporters and Support on so many levels thus far, and At this time we’re still needing your support for gas, ferry fees and food that can help us finish this journey and get us all home safe and sound!! ♥ 😀


“Walk for Nations” – Scotiabank
Transit #: 00893 (Grand Falls-Windsor, Nfld)
Acct#: 0057215
Call Us 647-708-4835 or email Us at mgladue@hotmail.com, if you have any questions or concerns on supporting.


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A WFN Update from Kevin:

BIG THANKS to the Children, Youth, Elders and Community of Shulus- Lower Nicola Indian Band, British Columbia Family and Friends for having Our “Walk For Nations” Team help and join in today’s Community Christmas Feast!! Awesome Family Fun Times!! ♥ BIG THANKS to Sister Billy, Sister Vivianne and Family for making Us All feel at Home away from Home! ♥ BIG THANKS to Brothers Montana, Andy and Father Arnie for arranging the Sweatlodge for Us Yesterday!!

Prayers and Thoughts Going Out to Our Families, Friends and Everyone Here and There!! Awesome People, Places and Times! ♥ 🙂

♥ Gitchi Miigwetch/Greatest Thanks.. Gitchi-Manitou/Creator/GOD ♥

♥ ~ Mitakuye Oyasin ~ All My Relations ~ ♥

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WFN update!

Kevin Nadjiwon 23 November 13:00
Here in Tsuu T’ina First Nation with Our “Walk For Nations” Team making preparations for our next steps to Morely Alberta!! Gitchi-Miigwetch/Greatest Thanks for Our New Tsuu T’ina Family and Friends for the Warmesst Welcomings, Sharing and Caring Your Homes and Hearts with Us! Awesome Moments and Memories of Roundancing, Feasts, Sweats and Ceremony with the Youth, Community and Elders!! Blessings and Prayers for All of Our Families and Friends that are Here and There with Us! May the CREATOR Continue to KEEP US ALL Healthay Safe and Warm!! In the Spirit of Our Ancestors for Our Future Generations and All Our Relations “Walk For Nations” Much Love and Respect! 😀

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Kevin Nadjiwon 14 November 16:45
is here in Calgary, Alberta with Our “Walk For Nations” Team! Enjoying some downtime with friends and family. We’ll be looking forward to some outreach here with Youth, Community and Elders in and around the Greater Calgary Area!! We’ve recieved notice that the “World Drum” will be meeting up with us to share the rest of Our “Walk For Nations” Journey to Cambell River, B.C. for 2012! We’re Extremely Honored and Blessed and will be making preparations to receive this Drum accordingly with Prayers, Ceremony and Celebration!! ♥ The Winter Snows are Blowing here in Calgary and we can see those Grandfather Mountains “The Canadian Rockies” in the West!! Exciting Times, Lands, Elements and People!! HIY HIY ~ Gitchi- Miigwetch ~ Waliween~ Walowin~ Niá:wen ~ Merci ~ Greatest Thanks.. Prayers and Blessings Everyone for Being Here and There US!!

In the Spirit of Our Ancestors For Our Future Generations We “WALK FOR NATIONS” ♥ ♥ ♥ :

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Kevin Nadjiwon 07 November 15:01
is having awesome momentous times here in Hobemma Alberta with Our “Walk For Nations” Team visiting with the surrounding area Cree Nations’ schools, organizations, Youth, Community and Elders!! We’ve had a week full of fasting and ceremonies, feasting, sweats and socials!! BIG THANKS/Gitchi Miigwetch/ HIY HIY to Our New Cree Family and Friends and to Everyone here and there with Us! Prayers and Blessings!! X O ♥ ♥ ♥ 😀

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Attention Edmonton!! Tommorrow Night!!! GENERATIONS “ROCK” FOR THE WALK” on October 28th hosted by the Amiskwaciy Academy @ 101 Airport Road, Edmonton, Alberta. Entry is $5.00 @ the door 7-11pm, all children under 12 years of age are free. Be There and or In Prayer.. Helping in The Sacred Journey of Life!! 🙂

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Benefit Concert!

“Walk 4 Nations” benefit concert
October 28th
Amiskwaciy Academy

The very funny, Ryan McMahon is hosting!! Dakota House from North of 60 is co-hosting! AND performances by the incredible and tallented Rob Kasp Sawan, Will Belcourt, Darla Daniels, Red Three, Anasaz, Pooky, Logan Alexis Singers and many more…

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Good Day Beautiful People!!

Its a nice rainy day here in Saskatoon!! Our “Walk For Nations” Team will be joining in a community feast today, doing some school presentations and doing some team building!! Have a Great Day!! ♥ 😀

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