Ervin Chartrand

Ervin Chartrand (Métis) has directed many films to date including “If this was right” with rap artist and CBC 204 host Wab Kinew (nominated for an Aboriginal People’s Choice Award for Best Music Video 2008), two short dramas including Sister for APTN’s Short Cuts program and multiple documentaries for television. He won the Best New Talent Award at the 2005 Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival for 504938C and won the ReelWorld Award for Outstanding Canadian Short Film at the 2006 ReelWorld Film Festival for Patrick Ross.

He directed Patrick Ross through First Stories, a competitive documentary production program coordinated by the NFB Prairie Centre. Chartrand has also worked on the camera crew of the APTN television series The Sharing Circle. He studied acting at the Academy of Broadcasting Corporation in Winnipeg, Manitoba and participated in the Aboriginal
Broadcast Training Initiative of the Manitoba Indian Cultural Education Centre. Chartrand’s experience as a gang leader who was able to reform his life after prison was the subject of The Sharing Circle’s television documentary Long Road, Full Circle. He often gives presentations to atrisk youth about his life experiences. Chartrand is from Camperville,

“I searched most of my life trying to find out who I was and what I was put on this earth to do. I followed a path of destruction, before I found myself behind prison walls and over came the most challenging times. I wanted to reach out to all the troubled youth and talking at schools wouldn’t cut it, so I took a broadcasting course, not knowing what path it would take me down. I believe spiritually that things happen for reason, and we just have to look within ourselves to see what we as humans are capable of doing. Now I don’t take things for granted, and learn from my life experiences, so that is why I do what I’m doing today, making films of what I know best.”

Mike Gladue

Mike Gladue is the youngest of 10(ten) children raised by a STRONG and LOVING single mother. It is her traits that Mike found in his wife (Kathleen McIntyre) that led him to want to know his culture and his passion, working for the Aboriginal people.
Mike grew up in the Edmonton and surrounding Reservations of Alberta. From a young teen after his mother passing, Mike took every avenue in life to try and fit in. Feeling ashamed by incidents in his early childhood, Mike chose those avenues that destroy most peoples self-worth and undermine what his mother and Choomie (Grandfather) tried to instil in him as a child.

Having instilled some sort of ethic from his mother, Mike was able to have some GREAT lifetime opportunities come and go in his life. But because of issues that he carried with him from early on in life, didn’t know how to handle constructive criticism. Having grown up around racism isn’t to far off what many of the Aboriginal community has had to endure. Even when he went back to visit family that still resided on Reservations or Metis communities, faced criticism about the “Apple” name tag. Thus, leaving more anger and hatred to manifest within his Spirit. With no general acceptence, Mike found his way to Edmonton. Where he soon found solace with the downtown scene, and easier access to booze and drugs. Soon he was able to shut off his feelings and shame and assimilated into the drug culture, and street life.

Having an addiction that he carried till he found his wife and her being able to show patience and understanding, Mike was able to grab ahold of her teachings. And Mike was able to deal with and let go of all the SHAME and ANGER that he carried for many many years. He also understands that many people tried coming into his life as tools of assistence. And today he has been able to ask those same people help him create “Seventh Generation Healing Network”.

That is why he uses those tools to assist with the “Healing Process” of our people, more importantly our young. Everything I do, I do for my late mother. Because it is her that is caring for his father Bruce and baby daughter Terilyn, who are with my mother in the “Spirit World”. And for all my “Bro’s” and “Sisters” whom lost their battle with the world and the negative influences.

“I give of myself, so others don’t go through the same pain and isolation from loved ones. This is my way of saying sorry.”


One Response to Bios

  1. Pamela says:

    Hello Mike,
    I’m glad you are doing well and are living a Life of repairment and growth.
    I know you didnt want to know your son Daniel when he was born, but he is a wonderful young man today.
    I am sure you dont want to be in touch with either of us, but I am under pamela Jaii Johns on FB and if you interested in aleast reading up about your son, the option is made to you. You dont have to explain yourself or give rhyme or reason, I just think 2012 is a yr to make a amends with everyone who has some sort of a connection to ourselves.
    I Pray you have a Bless Life with family and friends~

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