Kevin Nadjiwon 14 November 16:45
is here in Calgary, Alberta with Our “Walk For Nations” Team! Enjoying some downtime with friends and family. We’ll be looking forward to some outreach here with Youth, Community and Elders in and around the Greater Calgary Area!! We’ve recieved notice that the “World Drum” will be meeting up with us to share the rest of Our “Walk For Nations” Journey to Cambell River, B.C. for 2012! We’re Extremely Honored and Blessed and will be making preparations to receive this Drum accordingly with Prayers, Ceremony and Celebration!! ♥ The Winter Snows are Blowing here in Calgary and we can see those Grandfather Mountains “The Canadian Rockies” in the West!! Exciting Times, Lands, Elements and People!! HIY HIY ~ Gitchi- Miigwetch ~ Waliween~ Walowin~ Niá:wen ~ Merci ~ Greatest Thanks.. Prayers and Blessings Everyone for Being Here and There US!!

In the Spirit of Our Ancestors For Our Future Generations We “WALK FOR NATIONS” ♥ ♥ ♥ :

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